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Monday Morning Mixtape #3 (091413)

Every week we bring to you a playlist of the random shit each of us are listening to. Our hope is to give you a kick ass playlist and a look at why our music is so over the place…#differentstrokesfordifferentfolks

@MallyJames Top 10 Rappers Of All Time

Now this list was made of the rappers with the closest balance of lyrics, entertainment, impact, creativity, song making, success and classic “Permanent iPod Music”. I’m not talking about Rob E. Rob or DJ Kool McFingers from the South BX in the late 70’s. I recognize the pioneers but like in most aspects of life, the pioneers set the table for the greats. And we thank them for that. So here’s MY list of the best of the best:

10. This pick goes to the field- I can make an argument for any one these dudes being on the list so I squeezed them all in as Honorable Mentions: You will find PERMANENT iPod music for the car or the headphone trips from all of these rappers!!!

Big L
Styles P
Kool G Rap
Big Pun
Ol’ Dirty Bastard -* that’s right!!
Kanye West

9. Lil Wayne- Not many can say they’ve been in the game since the age of 11. Held their own on a team of pros establishing the brand while you wait in wing. Survive the downfall of the regime and lead the comeback better than before. For the people that like to take shots at the guy because he has a “so so” verse here & there in his veteran years, they need to remember just that!!!… The man is a veteran. Besides his team operating in comparison to No Limit Records from day one, besides Cash Money actually being one the few successful indie labels and actually making the cash to match the name, Lil Wayne has stepped to the plate lyrically being from a region where rappers aren’t respected for their lyrics. From mixtape to chart toppers, he has some of the best verses in your rap memory.

8. 50 Cent- Put South Jamaica Queens (my hometown) on the map. A rapper who against all odds in a market over saturated with gangster music stood out beyond the masses, part due to his lyrical skills, part due to his story and a lot due to his business savvy. From taking over the mixtape circuit to landing with Eminem & Shady/ Aftermath/ Interscope to some of the most lucrative marketing endeavors in Hip Hop history, 50 is actually what America is all about. Absolute meritocracy. The bad guy made and did good on his own hard work and merit. You would only wish that would work out for you in the same circumstances.

7. Notorious B.I.G- A guy that would be in the top 3 if he would have had a chance to make more music. But the fact he’s on everyone’s list with such a short supply shows you his greatness. He was the rapper where just the sound of his voice appearing on a track gave you chills. You think Biggie you think Brooklyn, Puffy, Bad Boy, East Coast, legend etc… An icon in rap beyond beats and rhymes. His legacy will live forever in and outside of the vocal booth.

6. Snoop Dogg… Or Snoop Lion now- Probably the coolest rapper on the list. Maybe the face of Westcoast rap. Snoop was so popular that in NYC kids bought BOOTLEGS of Doggystyle. Just an unbelievable trendsetter, swag champ and the songs were so so gangster and soulful!! Never heard anything like it. And to think he’s still doing it at a high level to this day speaks volumes.

5. Eminem- When you talk of rappers you’ve never heard anything like it, he may be at the top of the list. You HONESTLY never-heard-anything-like it!! And it wasn’t so much it was different but g*d dammit he was NICE!!! Really nice!!! Like “better than almost everyone else” nice!!! And he was white!!! There will never be another Eminem, enjoy it while he’s doing it.

4. Andre 3000- Others would have him on their list but maybe not this high but when you dissect the longevity, the impact of Outkast, the creativity, even the spin off artists (Goodie Mob, Cee Lo etc…) the fact that he and Big Boi have never seemed to compromise creativity and still reach the masses, being from the south where no one outside of it respects lyricists from there and being STUPID nice on the mic. And finally for making an all time classic “The Love Below”, an album where I don’t even think he actually rapped on. I just think he’s lyrically superior to most that have ever done it while at the same time admirably doing things at his pace.

3. Nas- I remember hearing “Life’s A Bitch” and saying, “I want to rap!!!” Without a doubt in my opinion the greatest lyricist of all times. I honestly believe he is solely responsible for changing the entire genre of rap’s lyrical flow. Never heard anything like it and your favorite rappers would tell you the same. Listen to “Party & B.S.” x Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z on the “8 minute freestyle” with Big L… They changed their flow. Because of Nas? Who knows, but I believe so. to quote Jay Z “… had the Illmatic, on bootleg/ Shit was so ahead/ Thought we was all dead…” - (A Star Is Born)

2. Jay- Z- Were do you start? Each great has an impact on the game  where they change it in some fashion and beyond having lyrical superiority, he along with Cash Money Records are responsible for starting the whole “Money Braggadocios” rap as I call it. Before then in the late 90’s, you really didn’t hear so much focus on rich lifestyle… With the funds to back it!!

1. 2pac- Probably the most recognizable and beloved rapper of all time domestic and abroad. Tupac has become the “Elvis” or Michael Jordan of rap being he was probably the only rapper a person that DIDN’T listen to rap would listen to. Is he the best “lyricist” on the list? No, but does LeBron have the best jumper? Tupac was the Malcom X of the Hip Hop generation. When the intangibles that make up an artist outside of the “bars” factor in, he is absolutely head & shoulders above the rest. The first I’ve known to have an impact in both coasts of the Hip Hop game which ironically is probably twice as hard as doing it overseas… and of course be worthy of an academy award for his acting skills. You add it all up and you have a rap icon that by impact alone will never be rivaled. And that’s OK. 

Hey guys, we’re very proud to share with you our first official music video!! It’s for our track “American Made” and our front man James worked very hard to organize it.  We hope you dig it and will share it with your friends!


Dussel Has Friends - “American Made” 

Hey yooo, we tackled a very serious issue in our new PSA for Record Store Day.  Please spread the word about the video and its noble cause.  We’d like to see the same sort of viral numbers with a complete lack of real world results that KONY2012 accomplished a few weeks ago.

As the editor of the video and therefore de-facto narrator, TJ promises to run around the Financial District naked if we hit a million views…

Got some more music for you guys!

We know we’ve been kind of hibernating for a while, but we’re back!  We’ve got our first show coming up since July of 2011, and it’ll also be our first show with our new drummer Matt!

We’re also giving away two new tracks as free downloads in celebration of our rebirth!  ”One For The Road” which a lot of you might recognize, and “Burn In Heaven” which is most likely new to your ears.

Hope you guys dig it!  Share it with the world!

First show of 2012!!

First show of 2012!!

Check out Rich & James in the new The Kickdrums x Rockie Fresh vid!

Happy President’s Day fam…get money.

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents

Even more pictures from our studio session the other week. Check out more on our Facebook page here!


Some photos from the studio.  Can’t wait to get these new tunes out!

Don’t miss the pic of our lovely manager Theresa as well!

Want to see more pictures from Dussel Has Friend’s weekend in the studio? Check them out over on their Facebook page for more inside peeks. New music coming soon!

Want to see more pictures from Dussel Has Friend’s weekend in the studio? Check them out over on their Facebook page for more inside peeks. New music coming soon!